CFH Blog Archived: April 2011

Beyond Belief

In what has become an annual ritual, Bloomberg administration officials trumpeted the flawed results of their flawed street homelessness survey to claim that the number of unsheltered homeless people has ... Read More

The ‘One in Three’ Solution

The Federal government has confirmed it: homelessness in New York City has reached record levels. As we reported in this year's State of the Homeless, the number of men, women, and children experiencing ... Read More

Advantage Tenants – May Rent will be Paid!

Last month, Legal Aid won a court order requiring the City to pay the Advantage rent due in April for Advantage tenants. On April 21, 2011, that order was extended to May 2nd, and the City is therefore ... Read More

Not Just a River in Egypt

Faced with evidence of record NYC homelessness, Bloomberg administration officials could acknowledge the problem and work on solutions. Or they could resort to denial and attacks on the messenger. Which ... Read More