CFH Blog Archived: August 2012

Today’s Read: Poverty Should be Big News

In today’s over-saturated news cycles, let’s take a minute to remember that poverty should be big news. Over 46 million people currently live in poverty in the United States – the highest number ... Read More

Today’s Read: The Stresses of Poverty

New research indicates that the stresses of poverty can have long-term negative impacts on children. Several years of studies funded by the National Institutes of Health found that high levels of stress ... Read More

A Life-Changing Experience

By Justin Friedman, Counselor, Camp Homeward Bound When I was thirteen years old, I hit a turning point in my life: I discovered music and playing the guitar. This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't ... Read More

Fact-Checking: Blaming “Out-of-Towners”

In an attempt to divert attention away from the current lack of housing options, some folks are continuing to blame out-of-towners for current record homelessness and the strains on the shelter system. We have ... Read More

Fact-Checking Longer Shelter Stays

Mayor Bloomberg shocked a lot of folks on Thursday when he blamed rising shelter stays on “pleasurable” shelter conditions. See the media response here, here, and here. So what’s really behind ... Read More

Today’s Read: Shelter System Under Strain

Record homelessness and increasing strains on the shelter system are not flying under the radar as perhaps Mayor Bloomberg would hope. Instead the problem is getting front and center attention from the ... Read More