ION TV and Dean Cain Deliver Blankets to Homeless New Yorkers

Have you ever wondered what three tons of compassion looks like?

Right before Thanksgiving, thousands of homeless men, women and children found out when ION Television and actor Dean Cain generously donated and helped distribute three tons of thick, warm blankets – 2,000 of them – through our Grand Central Food Program (GCFP) and elsewhere. For vulnerable New Yorkers huddled under threadbare coats on city streets or slumped over with exhaustion, hunger and cold in subway stations, these blankets are more than a godsend – they’re a lifesaver.

But when we first learned that a large freight truck would be delivering the blankets, we were not only overwhelmed by ION’s and Mr. Cain’s generosity – but by just how much space 2,000 blankets takes up! Fortunately, the United Federation of Teachers (who also always help us out with the Project: Back to School backpack drive, Holiday Toy Drive and party for homeless kids, and so many other things) immediately stepped in to save the day, offering to unload and store the tons of blankets for us in the UFT’s headquarters until they were ready for distribution.



We kicked off the blanket giveaway with Dean Cain at St. Bart’s Church in Midtown on November 20th, handing out nearly 1,000 blankets in the first few hours alone. The GCFP Program Director, Juan De La Cruz, said, “Everyone we were helping kept telling me over and over again how thankful they were for a new, warm blanket. Having Dean Cain there just made the night so much more special. They were so excited waiting in line to meet Superman.”

We’ll continue providing food, warmth and comfort to New Yorkers struggling to get by in the difficult months ahead. To help one of the 22,000 homeless boys and girls in New York get something special for the holidays, check out our Amazon Wish List to send a toy today!