A Bound for Success Summer Blog

Each summer our Bound for Success (BFS) after-school program turns into an all-day camp for 30 girls and boys living in an NYC homeless shelter. Every week we provide something new for the kids to learn about and experience in New York. In addition to helping them catch up in school, we spend the summer days with full-filled activities and field trips to area attractions. This summer we wanted to share with our readers some of the excitement from BFS, so each week, we’ll be featuring photos and writing assignments from BFS.

Last week we focused on team building and helping the kids understand what BFS is all about. While some of the children have been with us before, others are new to the shelter and need to meet the group. Our “Fashion Show” is always a good way to do this. Everyone is split into groups and given newspaper, tape and scissors and nothing else. In 30 minutes each team creates an outfit (including accessories) using one of their team members as models. At the end the models walk down the “runway” while another member describes the outfit they designed. The kids really got creative this year!




We also encouraged campers to write to their favorite people to tell them about camp. We particularly liked this one:

Dear B,

I think that you should come to Bound for Success summer day camp because you get to meet more people and at the same you get to become their friends – or their best friends.

Another reason why I think you should come here is because every trip that we go on is cool, especially the last day of summer camp which is when we go to Sesame Place. It’s super, super, extra cool fun!