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Advantage Tenants: Rent will be paid for June and likely for several additional months!

The Legal Aid Society won a temporary victory for thousands of Advantage tenants today! On June 2nd, the Appellate Court ruled that June Advantage rent must be paid, as well as rent going forward until the appeal is decided. The appeal is scheduled to be heard in September. This means that Advantage rent for current tenants will likely be paid until September. The Department of Homeless Services will be sending notices to all current Advantage tenants in the coming week.

Read a fact sheet prepared by Legal Aid here. And in Spanish.


- These orders only cover Advantage tenants currently within their Advantage lease period.

- Continue to pay your portion of the rent to your landlord on time.

- If you have reached or will be reaching the end of your first year, request a renewal by calling 311.

- If you are in the middle of your Advantage lease period but the City has not sent some of your payments for May 2011 or earlier months, call 311 to complain and ask for an investigation.

- Request a fair hearing if you have not already done so. For more information click here.

- Your landlord cannot evict you without taking you to housing court.

- Don't leave your apartment to apply at PATH just because your Advantage rent has not been paid!


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