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City Announces Plan to Address Section 8 Crisis and Restore Vouchers to 2600 Families!

Yesterday, City officials announced a plan to fix the Section 8 crisis that has been looming over the City for the past several months. The crisis stemmed from deep deficits faced by the New York City Housing Authority, which administers Section 8 vouchers. In December of 2009, the City revoked 2,600 vouchers it had already issued to families because of its inability to pay for them. Most of these families were formerly homeless and were relying on these vouchers to remain stably housed and out of shelter. To date, almost 30 of these families have returned to the shelter system.

But after months of trying to come up with a solution, the City finally found one. The Department of Housing Preservation and Development will be coming to the rescue of NYCHA by providing $32 million dollars of its reserve funds to restore the 2,600 vouchers and prevent any others from being revoked.

This is a huge victory for the families who were affected and we hope that the first vouchers will immediately go to the families who have already suffered a return to shelter.

Read more about the plan here and here.

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