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Media Watch: Violence against the homeless When is it news?

Yesterday a disturbing video surfaced of a D-list celebrity’s son intentionally assaulting a homeless man, for no other reason than his apparent homelessness. The television stardom of the assaulter’s mother made this video news, but it is certain that these types of attacks happen more frequently than the general public is made aware.

In fact, the National Coalition for the Homeless compiles a yearly report documenting all known cases of violence against homeless persons. Between 1999 and 2010, the National Coalition documented 1,184 cases of violence against homeless persons, 312 of which resulted in death.

It's a stark reminder that these types of insultingly base and thoughtless videos should not be taken lightly. This most recent one is just another example of a continuing and pervasive prejudice against people who are homeless. It reminds us of the ever-important need to foster compassion and invest in real solutions.

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