Fossil Employees Fill the Coalition Food Pantry

There’s more to love about Fossil than their chic watches and handbags: Their generous employees recently helped stock our food pantry!


Many of the families who come to the Coalition for help each day are struggling to stretch their meager incomes to cover food, rent, clothes for their kids, school supplies, subway fare – all the costs of living in NYC that can quickly add up to an unmanageable burden for those living below the poverty line. To help bridge the gap, we offer a small food pantry to provide at least some relief to those who need it most. When our friends at Fossil heard that the pantry was running low, they rallied their employees and – going above and beyond – collected more than 450 nonperishable food items!

“So many homeless and poor New Yorkers come seeking help with a crisis, often upset and panicked, and having food on site in the midst of an emergency is immensely comforting to them,” explains Tim Campbell, the Coalition’s Director of Programs. “It allows them to focus on other critical needs by immediately relieving them of the fear of where the family’s next meal will come from.”

The food pantry is a particularly vital resource for our Scattered Site Housing Program (SSHP) residents, who can visit the pantry when they are short on necessary supplies. SSHP provides permanent housing, social services and intensive case management to homeless men and women living with HIV/AIDS, and proper nutrition is integral to their success and survival.

“The food pantry is of tremendous importance to our clients in SSHP,” says Aracelis Fabian, Program Director. “Since they’re on a fixed income, many can’t make ends meet. Furthermore, as their disease progresses, many are left homebound – and thus unable to do something as simple as shopping for food.” But because of the generosity of companies like Fossil, the Coalition is able to ensure that these extremely vulnerable men and women get the nutrition they need.

This isn’t the first time Fossil has contributed to the Coalition: They are also generous supporters of Camp Homeward Bound, the Coalition’s summer sleep-away camp for homeless girls and boys.

“Fossil believes in giving back to the communities where we live and work,” Divisional Sales Manager Jim Cullen says. “The Fossil Foundation signature program, Fossil Unbound, is a global effort focused on empowering young people to realize their potential. We feel there is no better way to empower young people than giving them the daily nourishment they need to be able to maximize their education. A child who is nourished misses less school, gets better grades, is less likely to experience hunger as an adult and earn potentially more when they graduate HS. We feel this is the very definition of empowerment.”

We rely on the support of companies like Fossil to help us provide lifesaving services to our homeless neighbors. If you or your company would like to contribute to the Coalition, please click here or email us at