Eligibility for FEPS

In order to be eligible for FEPS, families must meet the following criteria:

  • Have at least one child who is 18 or under living in the household (or under 19 and a full-time student)
  • Have an open Public Assistance case that is NOT in sanction status (FEPS is cut off any time there is a member of the household in sanction status and will not resume until the sanction is lifted)
  • Have rent that exceeds the PA shelter allowance (or “excess rent”), but that is within the maximum FEPS rent levels which can be found below.
  • Have a court proceeding that involves nonpayment of rent, at least part of which, is “excess rent”*
  • Be the tenant of record and have a lease for the housing or obtain a written agreement to stay for at least a year if the tenancy is nonregulated private housing
  • Agree to have the entire rent paid directly to landlord

*Note that a family that is evicted or vacates an apartment as a result of a court proceeding and meets all the other eligibility criteria, still remains eligible for FEPS for one year from the date of eviction unless the family enters the shelter system. If the family has to enter the shelter system then FEPS eligibility will end six (6) months after entry into shelter.

# of Eligible Household Members (PA recipients) Maximum Subsidy under FEPS (shelter allowance + FEPS subsidy) Maximum Apartment Rent (FEPS subsidy + tenant contribution)
1 $650 $800
2 $750 $900
3 $850 $1050
4 $900 $1100
5 $1000 $1250
6 $1050 $1350
7 $1100 $1400
8 $1200 $1500
9 $1250 $1550
10 $1300 $1600


For more information on how to apply for FEPS click here.