How to Apply for FEPS

FEPS applications can be filed through specific OTDA authorized preparers, including legal providers and community-based organizations (CBO’s) in each borough. A list of authorized preparers for each borough is available here (coming soon). However, in order to apply for FEPS you need to first get a referral from your Public Assistance office or the Housing Court Liaison. If possible, call the FEPS office after you obtain your referral to confirm the paperwork you will need to bring and schedule an appointment. Generally, the type of paperwork you should try to have with you is listed below:

  • HRA / HDU Referral Packet
  • Most recent court stipulation
  • Notice of Eviction (if applicable)
  • Current lease, with qualifying rent amount (or written agreement to stay for at least a year if the tenancy is nonregulated private housing)
  • Preferential rent letter (if applicable)
  • Old lease (if arrears occurred during old lease)
  • Rent Breakdown
  • Income verification documents for any income in the household

For more information on the process for getting placed with FEPS click here.