Special Exit and Prevention Supplement (SEPS)

The Special Exit and Prevention Supplement Program (SEPS)is available to single adults and adult families without minor children and there are several ways to qualify:

Single adults and adult families who experienced an eviction, were living in a unit that was subject to a vacate order or were recently discharged from residential treatment in an OMH or OASAS funded substance use treatment program, foster care or from a correctional institution. The subsidy may also be available to single adults who have experienced domestic violence or veterans at risk of entering a DHS shelter. All eligible households must have at least one member in receipt of public assistance benefits and the total household income cannot be more than 200% of the federal poverty line.

Households that are potentially eligible will be connected with SEPS providers, community-based organizations, that will assist the family in completing an application and locating housing. Households will be asked to find an apartment within the SEPS rent levels before the subsidy will be approved and issued.

The household’s contribution will be determined through budgeting with the community-based organization once the unit is identified.

Renewal of the subsidy is available for four additional years, for a total of five years of assistance. Households in which there is a member receiving benefits from social security or a veteran’s pension may qualify for indefinite renewal of the assistance.

More information about SEPS can be found here.

If you have additional questions or need further assistance regarding SEPS, please come into our Crisis Intervention Program to speak with an advocate.