Alec and CocoARTWALK NY

October 29, 2013
82 Mercer 

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin

Carey Lowell
Coco Rocha

Honorary Chair
Richard Gere

Title Sponsor
Dolce & Gabbana

Artist Honoree
Roxy Paine

Philanthropic Honorees
Kim & Michael McCarty

ARTWALK NY, the Coalition's premier art auction, brings together artists and art lovers to help our most vulnerable neighbors as we celebrate the accomplishments of our most talented artists.

We would like to thank everyone for helping to make the 2013 ARTWALK NY our most successful to date - raising over $1 million to benefit the Coalition's programs.

We would especially like to thank our Art Advisory Board and Benefit Committee who worked tirelessly to promote the event and make it so spectacular, the artists who generously donated their works, our event sponsors who made all of this possible, and all the supporters who attended and bid on art.

Thanks to your support, the Coalition can continue to serve the 3,500 men, women and children, who desperately need our help.

ARTWALK Advisory Board

Vincent & Shelly Fremont



Aileen Agopian
Andrea Hazen
Anne Huntington
Bettina Prentice
James Huniford
Kerianne Flynn
Lara Cocken

Michelle Hellman Cohen
Mike De Paola
Natalie Kates
Sheri L. Pasquarella
Susan Cappa
Suzanne Siano


Benefit Committee

Bettina Prentice
Casey Fremont Crowe
Chloe Malle
Genevieve Bahrenburg
Hannah Bronfman



Adam Fields
Agnes Gund
Alexander Gilkes & Misha Nonoo
Alexandra Chemla
Allegra LaViola
Anton Kern
Bethanie Brady
Bree Mortimer
Brett Marcus Coady
Carolyn Ramo
Casey Kaplan
Cecilia Jurado
Christine Messineo
Chuck Close
Cindy & Howard Rachofsky
Dalia Oberlander
Derek Blasberg
Emily Holt
Elizabeth Szancer Kujawski & Tom Zoufaly
Fabiola Beracasa
Gretchen & John Berggruen
Hayley Bloomingdale
Hilary Rhoda
Jacqueline Wachter
Jamie Prentice
Jean-Marc Houmard
Jeanann Williams
Jen Brill
Jessica Sailer
Judi Wong
Julie Gilhart

Karline Moeller
Lauren Santo Domingo
Leandra Medine
Lesley M. M. Blume
Loic Gouzer
Maggie Betts
Maria Baibakova
Mark Amadei
Mary Gail Parr
Max Levai
Maxine Falkenstein
Meredith Rosen
Michelle Hellman Cohen & Adam Cohen
Olympia Scarry
Rachel Chandler Guinness & Tom
Rafael de Cardenas
Rebecca de Ravenel
Rickie de Sole
RoseLee Goldberg
Sam Tsao
Sarah Brown
Sarah Hoover
Selby Drummond
Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea
Thessaly LaForce
Valerie Boster
Waris Ahuwalia
William Heath
Zani Gugelmann 

As of October 3, 2013

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