ARTWALK 2012 - Adam Fuss

“This is an attempt at creating a classic image: just look in any museum or art history book for a Madonna and Child and you’ll understand why I wanted to make images of babies. I placed the baby in a shallow tray of water (in which photographic paper was also placed, below the baby) because water is a metaphor for life and birth itself. It’s a simple, life-size composition (simplicity and depiction of images at their true scale are characteristics of photograms), because I wanted it to be iconic and timeless. The blackest areas in the babies’ silhouettes represent where their skin met the tray.”
—Adam Fuss 2002

Adam Fuss
Unique Cibachrome Photogram Baby Commission
40 x 30 inches
Value: $25,000
Opening Bid: $18,000*

Details: The commission should take place before the child is 8 1/2 months old, preferably at 5 months. The finished photogram is a unique artwork measuring 40 x 30 inches.

*A production fee of $ 2,750 to cover printing, mounting and framing is the responsibility of the purchaser, to be billed in addition to the final successful bid. This amount is non-tax-deductible, and will be used in full to reimburse all costs of production associated with the work.

Additional Terms: The commission must be fulfilled by December 1, 2013.

Please contact Mary Gail Parr, Cheim & Read, NY or download this informational pdf for more details.