Research Reports

State of the Homeless

2000-Present -- The Coalition's annual report provides an overview of homelessness in New York City. Recent reports have analyzed the dramatic increases in New York City's homeless shelter population and outlined proven solutions. Learn more here.

Warehousing the Homeless: The Rising Use of Illegal Boarding Houses to Shelter Homeless New Yorkers

January 2008 -- This report analyzes the City of New York's accelerating use of unsafe, illegal boarding houses to shelter homeless adults, and outlines safeguards that City officials should adopt to protect homeless New Yorkers and New York City neighborhoods from harm.  Read a summary of the report here.  Download the report here.

Homeless Families at Risk:  Hazardous Conditions in the Housing Stability Plus Program

February 2007 -- This report describes the City of New York's deeply flawed Housing Stability Plus rent subsidy program for homeless families.  Through this flawed and ultimately abandoned program, the City placed thousands of vulnerable children and familes into dangerous, unsafe apartments with serious health and safety hazards.  Read a summary of the report here.  Download the report here.

Housing a Growing City:  New York's Bust in Boom Times

July 2002 (second edition) -- This comprehensive report analyzes New York City's widening affordable housing gap and its impact on worsening homelessness.  Download the complete report here.

Legacy of Neglect:  The Impact of Welfare Reform on New York's Homeless

August 1999 -- This report and statewide survey analyzes the impact of Federal, State, and local welfare reform policies on homeless New Yorkers, and finds that punitive welfare policies have cut pff many homeless families and individuals from vital public benefits.  Download the complete report here.

New Yorkers Critical of Giuliani Homeless Policy:  A Public Opinion Survey

February 1999 -- This brief report summarizes the findings of a public opinion survey commissioned by the Coalition which found that New Yorkers support effective solutions to the problem of homelessness and were critical of former Mayor Giuliani's homeless policies.  Download the complete report here.