Stefan Sagmeister Project Benefits the Coalition


Renowned artist and dedicated Coalition supporter Stefan Sagmeister and his partner Jessica Walsh have released a collection of cards for the Luxe Project by to benefit the Coalition for the Homeless.

Their collection, the “Halftone Satisfaction” offers business-sized cards noting both positive and negative sentiments designed “To be handed to anyone you meet who delights or annoys you.”

Stefan chose the Coalition to be the beneficiary of this project because of his deep connection with the Grand Central Food Program and its mission of serving homeless and hungry New Yorkers on the streets of the city every night of the year. According to Stefan, “These funds will support this program. As a long-time volunteer I am proud to be able to see the results of the Coalition’s actions, and as someone closely associated with the organization, I know that the donations from this collection will be put to good use.”


We are truly grateful to Stefan for his support in this project and his many years of volunteer work.  Says CFH Executive Director Dave Giffen, “He’s one of those unique people who brings not only his compassion and willingness to get directly involved, but also a fantastically creative approach to life and how to make it better for all New Yorkers.  We were so happy just to have him bring his amazing spirit to the GCFP, and so are tremendously grateful for his selecting the Coalition to receive the proceeds from the MOO project.  We’re very lucky to have people like Stefan in this city.”