Anthony has lived with disabilities from a young age. As an infant, he was bitten by a rat while sleeping in his mother's run-down Crown Heights apartment. Because his internal organs were deemed not developed enough to handle the necessary rabies shots, the shots were administered into his head. The resulting nerve damage left him with a paralyzed right arm and severe developmental delays.

As an adult, he applied to receive disability assistance numerous times. Each time, he was denied because of errors in his application. Anthony was living in a Bronx shelter ill-equipped for his specific medical needs. His health was deteriorating rapidly, and he was in dire need of help.

When Anthony visited the Coalition, our Client Advocacy staff could not promise that he would qualify for disability benefits, but, they could promise to carefully analyze and improve his application and assist him through the process - no matter what it took. A Coalition staffer helped Anthony with his paperwork, scheduled an appeals hearing, and guided him through the systems which had previously failed him. On his sixth try, with the coalition staff at his side, Anthony finally received well-deserved disability benefits. He now is receiving the care he needs and is able to live with dignity.


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