Ron and Maria

Money was tight for Maria and Ron, but they were scraping by. Both were employed - Maria as a home health aide and Ron as a livery cab driver - but neither earned more than $12 per hour. Still, by clipping coupons and buying only what they needed, they were able to provide for themselves and their daughter Jisella. That is, until Ron was in a car accident and suffered a broken leg, leaving him unable to drive. Unexpected medical bills complicated the family's finances, leaving little left over for food and nothing for rent. After several months of non-payment, their landlord filed for eviction. When Maria and Ron came to the Coalition, they owed $2,860 in back rent. Our Eviction Prevention program counselor evaluated their case, saw that Ron was now back on his feet and able to work, and approved a one-time $950 grant. We also connected Maria and Ron with other eviction prevention agencies who matched our contribution. Together, we assembled a rent arrears package that enabled them to stay in their home, and out of the costly shelter system.

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