"I Have a Dream"


Camp Homeward Bound

Each summer, Camp Homeward Bound provides three 16-day sleep-away sessions at Harriman State Park for hundreds of boys and girls. Our sleep-away camp provides a safe haven away from the harsh life of city ... Watch video

Aracelis Fabian

Aracelis Fabian is the Program Manager for the Scattered Site Housing Program. The Coalition's Scattered-Site Housing Program gives 48 single adults and 18 families living with HIV/AIDS the dignity and ... Watch video


Katrice was cut off from Advantage in February 2012. With a low paying job and an apartment she can't afford, she is now fearful of once again entering the shelter system. Watch video

Diana Mejia

Diana suffered through years of emotional and physical abuse. When she finally gathered the courage to leave, she found herself with few skills to enter the workforce. With First Step, she was able to ... Watch video

Coalition for the Homeless – the 16,000

In 2010 there were 16,000 children residing in New York City emergency shelters - enough to form a line from one end of Manhattan to the other. (Note: as of 2014, the number reached a record 23,000 ki... Watch video

When All Else Fails

June 2008 PSA by the Coalition for the Homeless based on the New York Magazine article, "A Night on the Streets." A special thanks to EURO RSCG and Alec Baldwin who helped create and narrate this piec... Watch video