Everyone Should Pay Their Fair Share

We have a record number of homeless New Yorkers living in our emergency shelters. Over 40,000 people, including more that 16,000 girls and boys don’t have a home. When you make one million dollars a year, it’s easy to forget what that means. It mea ..Read More

Coalition Donates Food and Blankets to Homeless Protestors

Zuccotti Park, the base of the Occupy Wall Street protests, has emerged as a dramatic contrast to the everyday tourist bustle and business suits of lower Manhattan. A palpable energy radiates from the encampment, and its borders are brimming with its charge: t ..Read More

Advantage Tenants: October Rent will be Paid

The City agreed to pay Advantage rent for October, despite sending letter to some Advantage tenants telling them the City would not pay. The landlords should recieve the checks in 3 to 5 days. These payments will be made only for Advantage tenants who are s ..Read More

Project: Back to School Raises $15,500

By Marisa Butler For many, the end of summer and beginning of fall can mean only one thing: back to school season. Picking out a new school bag in just the right color and filling it with new folders, pencils and other supplies has become a fundamental rite of ..Read More