The Coalition will be open Monday Nov. 5, 2012

The Coalition will return to regular business hours Monday Nov. 5, however many shelters and intake centers remain evacuated. Please click here for important information about seeking shelter. Please find below information regarding where you can seek shelter. Some shelter access points have changed due to flood conditions and are reflected below.

Please also note, the City’s Code Red policy is currently in effect. Sanctioned clients and applicant families for shelter should report to the appropriate intake facility and will be temporarily sheltered until further notice.

People relocated from evacuated shelters will not be returned to them until the facilities are cleared of water and have electricity, food and linens.

Human Resources Administration offices will be open starting Tuesday October 30th where you can seek assistance with emergency food stamps due to lost food supplies during the storm. You can also contact 311 for further information.

You can find a list of NYC Warming Centers here and overnight warm shelters here.

Shelter for Single Adult Men and Women

Bedford Atlantic Men’s Shelter

1322 Bedford Avenue
Take the A or C train to Nostrand Avenue
or the B49 to Bedford-Dean St. 
Brooklyn Women’s Shelter 

116 Williams Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Take the C train to Liberty Ave.
or the B83 to Pennsylvania-Liberty Av 

Shelter for Families & Adult Couples without Minor Children (under 21)

Adult Family Intake Center (AFIC)
El Camino Inn
160-11 89th Avenue
Take the E or F train to Parson’s or the J, Z, or E train to Jamaica Center/Parson’s Archer or the Q34 or Q25 to Parsons Bl/89 Av

Shelter for Families with Children (under 21)

Prevention and Temporary Housing (PATH)

151 East 151st Street
Bronx, NY 10454
Subway: Take the 2, 4, or 5 train to 149th Street/Grand Concourse, or take the Bx19 to 149th St/Grand Concourse. Walk north on Grand Concourse two blocks, to E. 151st Street and turn left. Walk two blocks to Walton Avenue. The PATH office is located at the corner on your right.

Stay Safe: Preparing for Hurricane Sandy

There is a chance that Hurricane Sandy, currently brewing off the coast of Florida, could reach New York this weekend or early next week. Stay safe by being prepared. Here are some helpful tips:

1.) First and foremost, seek shelter from the elements. If someone you know is sleeping on the streets, please encourage them to enter shelter or call 311. Intake centers for single adults and families can be found here.

2.) Some shelters lie in evacuation zones. If the City issues an evacuation order and you are currently living in a shelter, please follow the instructions of shelter staff regarding proper evacuation procedure.

3.) Visit New York City’s Office of Emergency Management for updates on where and when the storm may land.

4.) Download tips on how to prepare for a hurricane here.

Today’s Read: A Growing Need for Federal Housing Policy to Focus on Low-Income Families

Barbara Sard from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities wrote recently on the difficulties facing low income renters. Across the country, the number of families with children living on less than $2 per person per day has more than doubled since 1996. Yet federal housing resources have not stepped up to meet this growing need.

Even more surprisingly, more than half of all federal money spent on housing assistance actually goes to households with incomes above $100,000.

It’s time to address the growing housing crisis across the country. And one of the smartest places to start is with low-income households. By allocating more housing resources to these families, we are more likely to move families out of homelessness or prevent them from becoming homeless in the first place—a smart investment that will save millions on shelter expenses.

And on a more local level, we also need New York City to actually allow homeless families to access these vital federal housing resources.

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