A Note for the Grand Central Food Program

By Juan De La Cruz, Program Manager, Grand Central Food Program The Coalition’s Grand Central Food Program is out every night of the year handing out 1,000 warm, nutritious meals to homeless men, women and kids on the streets of NYC. We believe no on ..Read More

Today’s Read: The Disease of Poverty

…Poverty in this country is now likely to define many children’s life trajectories in the harshest terms: poor academic achievement, high dropout rates, and health problems from obesity and diabetes to heart disease, substance abuse and mental illness. [Ne ..Read More

Poverty as a Childhood Disease

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Still Undercounting Homeless New Yorkers

Amidst all-time record NYC homelessness, the Bloomberg administration released its latest flawed “guesstimate” of street homelessness, claiming that the numbers have declined despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The City’s latest HOPE survey es ..Read More