Ask For 35,000 Units!

Sign this petition to let the Governor and the Mayor know that supportive housing is a cost-effective way to end chronic homelessness for the New Yorkers that need it most. UPDATE: Thanks to your activism, Mayor de Blasio recently announced that the City would ..Read More

The Current State of Homelessness and Crucial Next

Yesterday’s New York Times gave A1 placement to Nikita Stewart’s extensive examination of Mayor de Blasio’s efforts to end homelessness. Stewart’s first sentence succinctly summed up the gist: “By one key measure after another, homelessness in New Yo ..Read More

Fixing Homeless Issue Helps All of Us

When I say that fixing homelessness is good for business, many skeptics may raise an eyebrow. The assumption is that caring for homeless individuals costs money, and those individuals don’t have the financial means to participate in the local economy. But, a ..Read More