New York City’s Unemployment Rate Rises

The robust New York City economy hit a speed bump in September as the unemployment rate rose sharply, state Labor Department figures show.

The 5.8% rate in September is far below the average levels over the last decade, but up from 5.2% in September 2015.

The share of the population in the labor force also fell from September 2015, indicating that the rising jobless rate wasn’t triggered by previously discouraged workers looking for work once more.

Beware of Tactics Landlords Use to Evict Rent-Stabilized Tenants

When Sarah Burns received a lease renewal from the landlord of her West Harlem apartment last year, she noticed something strange about the document: her name wasn’t on it.

Despite having been on the lease for the rent-stabilized apartment for 8 years, the new lease was made out to her ex-boyfriend, who had moved out months before — something her landlord knew, according to the 32-year-old Burns.

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