Code Blue Issued for NYC Homeless as Temperatures Fall

The city is working to get homeless people shelter as temperatures dip and the city faces its coldest air of 2017.

With freezing conditions in the city Tuesday night and overnight, the Department of Homeless Services has issued a Code Blue warning.

That means outreach teams are scouring the streets to make sure people find shelter.

Homelessness, Up in 2017, Doesn’t Take a Break for Christmas

Every year around Christmas, a section of Union Square Park in New York City is blocked off for a holiday market of winding aisles lined with sales booths. Right across 14th Street, outside trendy stores, people huddled under blankets are asking for change from passersby on their way to buy knickknacks and stocking stuffers.

Income inequality is stark throughout the United States. New York City is among the places where it’s particularly acute, especially around Christmastime — a season of paradoxical compassion and materialism.

Renewed Push to Pass State Homelessness Subsidy in 2018

Legislation to create a statewide rental supplement to curtail the growth of homelessness in New York, while generating savings for local social service agencies, is the focus of a renewed campaign ahead of the 2018 budget and legislative session.

Despite support from the Democratic Assembly majority, as well minority state Senate Democrats, and the Independent Democratic Conference, which forms a ruling coalition with Senate Republicans, Assemblymember Andrew Hevesi’s Home Stability Support plan fell off the negotiating table during 2017 budget talks.

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