I Am First Step: About the Campaign

I Am First Step” celebrates the hundreds of women who have rediscovered the best in themselves with the help of the Coalition’s renowned First Step Job Training Program.

Since its founding 30 years ago, First Step has graduated more than 1,700 homeless and low income women. Every one of them came to the program with her own unique story of hardship and struggle – but also armed with the determination to push forward and take control of her life.

All First Step does is help each woman recognize and develop her own intrinsic strengths. Each graduates the program with renewed confidence, and a full set of skills that allow her to build a better life for herself and her family.

The Coalition traditionally raises awareness of, and support for, the First Step Program through our annual Women Mean Business Luncheon – which notably features the moving stories of our graduates. Since the pandemic has precluded our ability to hold this wonderful event, we are launching the “I Am First Step” campaign on social media to allow our graduates to publicly celebrate their own strength and resilience. Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn to hear these amazing women speak.

Please also spread the word about this campaign by sharing the graduates’ clips, or by making your own “I Am…” video describing what is most special about you. Let the women of First Step know that they do not stand alone! We are all First Step.

Thanks to our generous supporters, partner corporations, dedicated staff, and volunteers, First Step will continue to empower homeless and low-income women to transform their lives.