Urge City Council to Pass Intro. 146

Housing vouchers are a key tool in helping people avoid or exit homelessness, but many New Yorkers who have vouchers still struggle to find an apartment so they can move out of shelters. A major barrier to using housing vouchers is that CityFHEPS, the City’s main subsidy program, sets the maximum rent levels unrealistically low for New York City’s expensive housing market. The City Council is considering a bill, Intro. 146, that would raise the maximum rental allowance for CityFHEPS to more closely align with actual rents and also remove time limits on voucher eligibility. As New York faces a historic homelessness crisis, and with Federal stimulus funds on the way, now is the time to improve CityFHEPS vouchers to help more people move out of shelters. Please tweet at City Council Speaker Corey Johnson and urge the Council to pass Intro. 146!