Today’s Read: Grim New Report Shows Rent ...

The lack of truly affordable housing has long fueled record homelessness in our city: Nearly 62,000 New Yorkers, including 22,000 ... Read more

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Coalition Testifies on Shelter Conditions

Representatives from the Coalition for the Homeless and Legal Aid Society testifying inside City Hall

On Monday, Coalition for the Homeless and The Legal Aid Society presented testimony before the New York City Council’s Committee on General Welfare regarding shelter conditions and several bills related ... Read more

Today’s Read: Setting the Record Straight

People sitting on the floor linking arms

This week, Coalition for the Homeless released a white paper entitled “Housing DisConnect: Fact-Checking Mayor de Blasio’s Claims on Affordable Housing and Homelessness.” The report illustrates ... Read more

Today’s Read: Homeless From Birth

A father holds a newborn infant at the hospital, with the mother in the background.

The birth of a new child is supposed to be a joyful time for a family. But last year, 1,164 newborns were brought “home” from the hospital to a NYC shelter – meaning a shocking 1 out of every 100 ... Read more