Today's Read: Johnson Unveils 'Holistic, ...

With record numbers of New Yorkers sleeping in shelters and thousands more bedding down on the streets and in the subways every ... Read more

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Today’s Listen: Counting the Homeless

Two women talking on a street while holding flashlights and clipboards. A row of tents are set up behind them.

With more than 63,000 New Yorkers sleeping in shelters each night, record homelessness carries a significant human and financial cost. As the Coalition’s State of the Homeless 2019 report noted, “The ... Read more

Coalition Testifies on Three-Quarter Housing

Advocates testify in front of NYC Council Members at City Hall

On Monday, April 29, Coalition for the Homeless and The Legal Aid Society presented testimony before the New York City Council’s Committee on General Welfare and Committee on Housing and Buildings regarding ... Read more