Coalition Houses

For many homeless men and women, a sense of home no longer seems possible after living on the streets or in shelters for extended periods of time. The isolation and danger they face on a daily basis often damages their ability to trust and depletes their capacity for hope. Coalition Houses enables these individuals to fully experience the joy and comfort of having a home of their own.

Coalition Houses offers private apartment living for homeless single adults in three contiguous 5-story brownstone buildings on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Some are mentally or physically disabled, while others have a history of substance abuse. All residents have access to onsite services that address educational and vocational gaps as well as socialization, healthcare and family issues in a safe environment. Each tenant initially meets with our supportive services staff, which includes a social worker, to establish vocational, educational and personal goals. Our staff then meets with tenants on a regular basis to monitor their needs and progress.

Residents are also actively involved in the surrounding community. They participate in the local block association, helping to plan and organize neighborhood events. The community, in turn, participates with Coalition Houses in activities such as creative writing workshops, tax return preparation tutorials and holiday celebrations. For these formerly homeless men and women, acceptance into a community is a welcome change from their days of isolation.

For more information about Coalition Houses, please contact Yvonne Redic at or call 212-595-9711.

Please note, this is a referral-based program only.




For nearly a decade, Jeff was a regular at the Coalition's mobile soup kitchen. He lived and slept in midtown parks, church steps, sidewalks, storefronts, and waterfronts. Earlier this year Jeff moved into Coalition Houses on the Upper West Side. With the help of the Coalition, his life has been completely transformed. "People who live here have a sense of caring for each other. We've all been on the streets and had a hard time, and we don't want to end up there again."

After so many years of living on the streets, Jeff now has a place to call his own. "Since I have a place to live now, I can splurge a little. I can go to the dinners at churches and high schools without all my excess baggage. When I meet people there, and they ask where I live, I can tell them. I'm on a new journey now. I've got a bed and a phone, and I know these fantastic people. I can't wait to show people the new me."