Our Programs Save Lives

  • 3,500 homeless individuals and families helped each day
  • 1,000 nutritious meals delivered each night to people on the streets
  • 11,000 people per year helped through Crisis Services
  • 800 households per year saved from eviction



The Coalition’s Grand Central Food Program provides 1,000 warm, nutritious meals each night to homeless and hungry people on the streets of New York City.

Grand Central Food Program

The Grand Central Food Program (GCFP) was founded in 1985 the day after a homeless woman died of starvation in Grand Central Terminal. Since then, the program has grown to become the largest mobile soup kitchen in New York. Read more…

Crisis Services

Crisis Services

The Coalition’s Crisis Services provide immediate, lifesaving help to homeless and at-risk men, women and children at our headquarters in Lower Manhattan.

Eviction Prevention

The best way to reduce homelessness is to prevent it in the first place. The Coalition’s Eviction Prevention Program rescues those who have been pushed to the brink of homelessness by unforeseen hardships and limited resources. Read more…

Client Advocacy Program

Undiagnosed mental illness or physical disability is an invisible anchor for many homeless people — making it nearly impossible for them to get necessary help and find a way out of homelessness. The Coalition’s Client Advocacy Program (CAP), launched in 2001, reaches out to long-term street or shelter residents…  Read more…

Crisis Intervention

For more than 40 years, the Coalition’s Crisis Intervention Program has been a singular refuge, where anyone in New York who is homeless, on the brink of homelessness or struggling to survive can receive immediate help from our experienced staff. Read more…

Emergency Mail Program

The Emergency Mail Program provides homeless New Yorkers with a secure, reliable and discrete mailing address where they can receive private mail as well as important documents from government agencies and social service organizations. Read more…



The Coalition’s three housing programs provide the dignity and stability of a permanent home – as well as supportive services – to individuals and families throughout the city.

Coalition Houses

For many homeless men and women, a sense of home no longer seems possible after living on the streets or in shelters for years. The isolation and rejection they face on a daily basis often damages their ability to trust. Read more…

Bridge Building

Opened on Christmas Eve 1991, the Bridge Building was created to provide safe and affordable one- and two-bedroom apartments for homeless mothers and their children. Read more…

Scattered Site Housing Program

The catastrophe of homelessness is devastating for anyone, but for those living with HIV/AIDS, the lack of stable housing — and with it the ability to follow a complex health care regimen to decrease the risk of other illnesses — can be life-threatening.  Read more…

Job Training

Job Training

The Coalition’s First Step Job Training Program gives homeless and low-income women the tools they need to find living-wage jobs so they can support themselves and their families.

First Step Job Training Program

The vast majority of those living in NYC homeless shelters are families — mostly single mothers and their children. These women face a tremendous array of obstacles to stability, including a lack of full-time employment, low educational attainment, and self-esteem shattered by domestic abuse. Read more…


Youth Programs

The Coalition’s youth programs help homeless kids overcome the tremendous obstacles they have endured so they can build brighter futures for themselves.

Camp Homeward Bound

Homelessness takes a terrible toll on children. Many experience problems in their health, social development and education later in life as a result of the traumas they’ve endured. To help homeless girls and boys overcome… Read more…

Bound for Success

Bound for Success (BFS) provides one-one-one tutoring, as well as sports and recreation, to 30 homeless children at a time — upwards of 100 girls and boys over the course of the year. Every day after school… Read more…



The Coalition’s Advocacy advances sensible long-term solutions to the crisis of homelessness and defends the rights of homeless New Yorkers.

Coalition Advocacy

Since 1981, Coalition for the Homeless has fought to defend the rights of homeless New Yorkers and to protect vulnerable adults, children, and families from harm. Through litigation, organizing, research and analysis, campaigns, and public education our renowned advocacy program tirelessly fights for investments in proven, cost-effective housing solutions to solve mass homelessness. Read more…