Camp Homeward Bound

Group of boys posing and smiling with camp counselor

Homelessness takes a terrible toll on children. Many experience challenges with their health, social development, and education later in life as a result of the traumas they’ve endured.

To help girls and boys overcome these challenges — and to provide respite from the grinding boredom and sweltering heat of the shelter system in the summer — the Coalition launched Camp Homeward Bound (CHB) in 1984.

Every summer, CHB holds three 16-day sessions for up to 120 campers per session. Campers range in age from seven to 15, with older kids able to return as Counselors-in-Training.

Campers take part in swimming, sports, art, dance, video production, yoga, archery, biking, culinary arts, and music, among other activities. We take full advantage of the beautiful environment by providing a variety of adventures that are likely new to children growing up in the NYC shelter system — biking along nature trails, harvesting vegetables in the garden, telling stories around a blazing campfire.

CHB gives wonderful kids the chance to grow, learn, play, make friends — and just be kids again.

CHB counselors and staff come from all over the world, bringing their unique cultures and experiences to share. After an intensive week of training, staff live and work together for the 10-week summer season, building lasting friendships, learning valuable skills and creating unforgettable memories. Ongoing supervision helps them properly respond to the needs of our campers and develop as mentors and teachers.