Keys Program (Formerly Client Advocacy Program)

The Keys Program helps homeless adults living with disabilities – most of whom have been on the streets or in shelters for years – to secure permanent and supportive housing.

A photo of a smiling person and photos of keys in the background.

The Coalition’s Keys Program, which evolved from our Client Advocacy Program, supports single adults with mental illness and other disabilities who too often overlooked or ignored. This results in significant time spent living on the streets or in shelters without their health, medical, or social service needs being met.

The Keys Program focuses on securing safe and stable housing for our clients, with a focus on working collaboratively with them through the lengthy and complicated process of applying for and locating placements in permanent supportive housing. This empowers them to be able to live with the same dignity that every human being deserves.

The highly personalized approach of the Keys staff is critical to the program’s success. During each phase of the program, from initial engagement to move-in day, we work to foster the trust of individuals who, due to neglect,  or otherwise failed by the systems that should have been helping them, have every reason to mistrust.

The goal of the Keys program is to be there for our clients, to make sure their basic needs are met, and to stay with them until they have a home to call their own. We always start by listening to each person who comes to us for help, getting to know their story, and tailoring our services and approach to their unique needs and circumstances.

Housing is healthcare. The Keys Program supports those who have been left to suffer on the streets or in the shelter system for years. The program helps these individuals find a place to call their own and provides an environment necessary for healing, health, and the opportunity to thrive in every possible sense.