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The Coalition for the Homeless offers rewarding career opportunities for counselors, teachers, social workers, case managers and organizers. Coalition programs offer a variety of entry-level and professional positions for those who wish to join our dedicated and talented corps of human services workers and advocates.

Positions Available:






Social Services Supervisor

POSITION SUMMARY:  The Social Services Supervisor is responsible for managing the social services component of the First Step Program, a 15-week job-training program that empowers homeless and low-income women to achieve employment and educational goals through computer training, case management, literacy building, internships, job-placement assistance, empathy and hope. The Social Services Supervisor provides guidance and supervision to the case management team, oversees the intake and acceptance process for the program, develops and facilitates soft skills workshops, provides case management to current students and graduates, and ensures timely and accurate client record documentation. The Social Services Supervisor ensures that program services are consistent with the mission and goals of the Coalition for the Homeless and the terms of the relevant funding agreements for the First Step Program.

QUALIFICATIONS:  LMSW strongly preferred.  At least two years of case/care management and client assessment experience required; prior supervisory experience preferred. Familiarity, knowledge and support of women’s issues and rights preferred.  Prior experience working with individuals who are homeless, at-risk of homelessness, or who have mental health or medical disabilities is strongly preferred.  Experience with public entitlements, housing and other issues and systems impacting individuals and families living in poverty is strongly preferred.  Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google Workspace is strongly preferred.  Spanish proficiency is a plus.


The Social Services Supervisor shall:

  • provide direct supervision, support and leadership to the Social Services Case Manager and task supervision to the Social Work intern(s);
  • in close coordination with the Program Director, provide program staff with guidance, direction, and oversight from a client-centered perspective;
  • schedule and facilitate weekly information sessions for potential students to learn more about the program;
  • conduct and oversee recruitment process, including reviewing applications, conducting and reviewing psychosocial intake assessments, and determining client enrollment decisions in collaboration with other program staff;
  • maintain case load of clients each session and ensure regular contact with assigned clients;
  • oversee case management, care coordination and advocacy services for all students and graduates;
  • develop and maintain working knowledge of and regular contact with outside social services agencies such as HRA/DHS/Dept of Labor, and other nonprofit health and training partners to ensure clients are connected to appropriate entitlements and additional resources;
  • develop and facilitate soft skills workshops on topics such as self-care, self-esteem building, communication, problem solving;
  • assist in developing, maintaining and evaluating First Step program curriculum;
  • ensure timely, accurate and proper record documentation in client database (ETO) and client files, such as intake assessments, progress notes, and service plans, for self and case management team;
  • regularly review client files and ensure proper documentation;
  • assist the Program Director in conducting internal quality management audits and reviews, and design and implement program improvements or enhancements;
  • participate and assist with planning of special events such as graduation ceremonies and the First Step Women Mean Business Luncheon;
  • collaborate with the Program Director on issues such as staff morale and productivity;
  • obtain regular supervision with the Program Director to review best approaches to provide support to individual clients, program operations, issues/concerns, staffing, and resource management, among other matters; and
  • perform all other duties as may be assigned by the Program Director or designee.

REPORTS TO:  First Step Program Director.

TO APPLY:  Submit cover letter and current resume. Include the job title in subject line of e-mail. Email:  Attention: Social Services Supervisor.

Persons of color and formerly homeless individuals are encouraged to apply.


Manager of Digital Media


The Manager of Digital Media works with the Director of Development and Advocacy department to 1) increase awareness of the Coalition, its mission and accomplishments by actively pursuing new social media and website strategies; 2) attract supporters, donors, advocates and volunteers with strong, dynamic written and visual content; and 3) further the advocacy and programmatic goals of the Coalition through effective utilization of digital media, including the organization’s website, email, social media, and any other new media and digital mechanisms. 

QUALIFICATIONS:  Requirements include a BA with a minimum of two years of experience in communications and digital media; superior knowledge of social media, design, blogging, photo sharing, video sharing tools, platforms, and applications; highly motivated and creative; excellent interpersonal and writing skills; strong analytical and critical thinking skills; basic understanding of web design and functionality; familiarity with emerging trends in the tech, nonprofit and social enterprise spaces. Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Canva, Tweetdeck, and Photoshop required. Knowledge of Final Cut Pro and other Adobe Creative Suite products, as well as WordPress, Google Analytics, Salesforce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud recommended. A strong social conscience and experience with issues of housing, poverty, and social justice strongly desired.


The Manager of Digital Media shall:

  • Facilitate the Coalition’s online presence by actively maintaining the website via WordPress on a daily basis so it is accurate, up-to-date, attractive, thorough, and functional.
  • Ensure the development, production, testing, and delivery of email communications by required deadlines. Draft, edit and proof all submitted copy to ensure accuracy, readability, effective calls to take action in compliance, and consistency with Coalition email policies. 
  • Draft, design, produce, and program a multi-platform social media content strategy that reinforces and enhances the Coalition’s email, print, and online initiatives.
  • Monitor all social media platforms by engaging in social listening, and producing content and engagement reports to the Development and Advocacy staff one or two times per day.
  • Attend staff meetings with Advocacy and Development departments on a weekly basis or as needed in order to facilitate collaboration, discuss goals and objectives, and evaluate ongoing progress.
  • Assist in the development of new media and public relations strategy.
  • Plan, draft, and create compelling content for website, social media, and other printed and digital materials.
  • Draft and edit blogs, newsletter articles, website content, and other related publications.
  • Advance online video presence through production and editing of videos.
  • Work with the Director of Development to manage outside vendors related to communications, technological development, and video material.
  • Organize and maintain the digital database of photographs, video, and other digital assets, and work with Programs and Advocacy staff to build the Coalition’s catalog of media.
  • Track and report on website, email, and social media analytics. Follow trends and develop strategies to increase engagement.
  • Assist and manage other print productions and mailings, as needed.
  • Perform all other duties as may be assigned by the Director of Development, Advocacy department or designee.

REPORTS TO:  Director of Development

TO APPLY:  Submit cover letter and current resume. Include the job title in subject line of e-mail. Email:  Attention: Manager of Digital Media.

Persons of color and formerly homeless individuals are encouraged to apply.


Program Director, Client Advocacy Program

POSITION SUMMARY:  The Program Director is the programmatic, administrative, fiscal, and operations leader for the Client Advocacy Program (CAP).  The Program Director supervises, directs and guides program staff and interns on outreach and intake activities, client service provision and administrative eligibility for the program, training and troubleshooting on benefits applications and provides holistic, intensive services to individuals experiencing homelessness and living with disabilities in order to obtain disability benefits and supportive housing.  The Program Director provides sets the tone for the provision of services and the department consistent with the mission and goals of the Coalition for the Homeless.

QUALIFICATIONS: MSW or MA/MS strongly preferred.  Case management experience required; prior supervisory experience preferred.  Experience serving homeless individuals, people living with disabling conditions, and experience with public benefits/entitlements preferred.  Spanish proficiency a plus.


The Program Director shall:

  • create and maintain a regular schedule for client and staff presentations and recruitment activities in shelters, drop in centers and through street outreach contacts;
  • maintain a program caseload sufficient to meet contractual goals liaising with Crisis Intervention and shelter staff in order to do so;
  • provide supervision to the following positions: Bi-lingual CAP Case Manager and Housing Advocate;
  • provide direct services to clients with significant mental health needs and ensure the same services are offered to all CAP clients.  Services include, but are not limited to: intensive case management, development and completion of SSI/SSDI and supportive housing applications, assistance with public assistance applications, assistance with and knowledge of respite, IMT and ACT applications, advocacy with the Department of Homeless Services;
  • develop and maintain working knowledge of linkages, including maintaining a close working relationship with our contracted psychiatric providers at the Janian Medical Group, and contact with health care and social services systems/agencies to ensure client access to appropriate medical care;
  • ensure accurate and proper documentation of client services and reporting requirements in our client database (ETO) and using other tools as necessary for all CAP clients including, maintenance of notes documentating of services, contacts, contracts with clients and follow-up activities delivered by CAP staff;
  • develop the program budget in collaboration with the Senior Director of Crisis Services, Deputy Director of Programs and Finance, and review and approve program expenditures consistent with the budget;
  • partner with the Senior Director to ensure timely and complete reporting as required;
  • participate in the development and drafting of funding proposals and renewal agreements;
  • collaborate in the development, review, oversight, revision, and modification of program services, as well as the forms and tools used by the program;
  • obtain regular supervision with the Senior Director of Crisis Services to review program operations, client concerns, staffing, as well as seek budget and program management guidance, among other matters;
  • perform all other duties as may be assigned by the Deputy Executive Director for Programs or designee.

REPORTS TO:  Senior Director of Crisis Services and Deputy Executive Director for Programs.

Persons of color and formerly homeless individuals are encouraged to apply.


Shelter Advocacy and Monitoring Manager

The Shelter Advocacy & Monitoring Manager supervises a small team of Shelter Specialist staff and the day-to-day shelter monitoring activities of the Coalition, which is the independent monitor of New York City’s municipal shelters. The Shelter Advocacy & Monitoring Manager ensures that the Shelter Specialist team timely responds to shelter residents’ complaints about shelter conditions and services, and promptly reports issues to the City’s Department of Homeless Services (DHS). The Shelter Advocacy & Monitoring Manager will coordinate the schedules of staff who work flexible hours in order to make visits to shelters during the day and night and on weekdays and weekends.

The Shelter Advocacy & Monitoring Manager will also visit shelters throughout the city as part of formally scheduled daytime joint inspections with DHS as well as unscheduled inspections, which may occur during evening, nighttime, and weekend hours, in order to document violations and other problems. The Shelter Advocacy & Monitoring Manager will engage with shelter residents for the purpose of providing referrals to Coalition programs and, as appropriate, communicate directly with shelter staff to immediately resolve residents’ problems. In collaboration with Advocacy staff, the Shelter Advocacy & Monitoring Manager will establish priorities and goals for shelter monitoring as well as engagement with shelter residents through outreach and advocacy. The Shelter Advocacy & Monitoring Manager will also help organize, support, and mobilize shelter residents and formerly-homeless New Yorkers for Coalition advocacy campaigns and events. The Shelter Advocacy & Monitoring Manager will adopt a professional tone consistent with the mission and goals of the Coalition for the Homeless in providing these services.  

QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS required with a strong preference for coursework in social work, human services, or a health discipline. At least three years of relevant advocacy, case management, and/or organizing experience on behalf of homeless and/or low-income people required, with at least one year of experience supervising staff required. Must be committed to social justice and, in particular, identifying and addressing the systemic and bureaucratic obstacles to decent shelter for homeless New Yorkers. Excellent oral advocacy, writing, editing, computer, and analytical skills as well as a desire to work as part of a team required. Lived experience with homelessness and Spanish language skills desirable. *Ability to work some evenings, nights, and weekends is a requirement for this position.

Persons of color and formerly homeless individuals are encouraged to apply.



The Shelter Monitoring Manager shall:

  • Supervise the day-to-day activities of the Coalition’s Shelter Specialist monitoring team under the direction of the Director of Government Relations and Legal Affairs;
  • Conduct monitoring of New York City shelters, including during daytime, evening, nighttime, and weekend hours, to assess and document: problem conditions; compliance or lack thereof with the legal right to shelter, other court orders, and State and City regulations and agency procedures; and the needs of residents;
  • Establish an agenda and facilitate a once weekly shelter monitoring team meeting and meet with each Shelter Specialist once per week for supervision;
  • Advocate for individual needs of shelter residents as necessary and possible during field visits, provide information and referral, and document individual and systemic problems for follow-up with the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) as directed;
  • Communicate with DHS regarding compliance with shelter standards and track communication with DHS to ensure the agency responds and, when appropriate, corrects issues identified by Coalition staff;
  • Edit Shelter Specialist reports to DHS for clarity, grammar, spelling, and accuracy of citations to agency procedures, legislation, and court orders;
  • In consultation with Shelter Specialist monitoring staff, develop the schedule of regular joint inspections with DHS and confirm DHS’s availability, identify the need for and schedule unannounced inspections, and update shared department calendars to reflect schedule changes;
  • Organize and develop Client Advisory Boards (CABs) in shelters citywide, develop the Client Advisory Group (CAG) as both the consortium of CABs and a key tool for organizing homeless and formerly-homeless individuals and families, and regularly attend weekly CAG meetings;
  • Work with Advocacy staff and outside counsel to provide litigation support by identifying and liaising with potential plaintiffs for affirmative cases to defend and expand the rights of homeless individuals and families;
  • Recruit, train, and mobilize volunteers to assist with shelter inspections;
  • Together with the Advocacy staff, help develop and implement the Coalition’s organizing campaigns and public education work, assist in the coordination of campaign and event organizing, facilitate consultation with shelter residents in the development of policy and campaign activities, and increase the participation by homeless and formerly-homeless individuals and families in the Coalition’s organizing activities;
  • Conduct outreach to shelter residents who have received sanction notices to terminate their shelter placements and connect them with Coalition staff and outside counsel for representation at fair hearings;
  • Organize shelter residents and formerly-homeless individuals and families for the purpose of City and State-level advocacy on a range of public policy issues that impact homeless and low-income individuals;
  • Liaise with other departments and programs of the Coalition to provide resource materials and increase awareness about the work of the Advocacy Department and to include other staff in Advocacy campaigns and events. Provide assistance and support to the Program staff as directed;
  • Obtain regular supervision with the Director of Government Relations and Legal Affairs or designee to review department operations, policy, and other issues/concerns;
  • Participate in weekly staff and other meetings as directed, such as in-service training and staff development and orientation activities;
  • Assist in the training and orientation of fellow members of the department, including but not limited to accompanying department staff and volunteers on field visits and ensuring they understand the rights of shelter residents; and
  • Perform all other duties as may be assigned by the Director of Government Relations and Legal Affairs, the Executive Director, or designee.

REPORTS TO: Director of Government Relations and Legal Affairs or designee

TO APPLY: Submit cover letter and current resume. Include the job title in subject line of e-mail. Email:  Attention: Client Advisory Program Director.

Persons of color and formerly homeless individuals are encouraged to apply.


Chief Financial Officer

SUMMARY: The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) provides leadership for the Coalition’s finance and human resources functions. The CFO will work with the Executive Director to drive strategic financial decisions for the organization, including overseeing budget development and monitoring; financial analysis, planning, and reporting; the audit process; and overall compliance for our budget. In addition, they will manage a committed team of staff to ensure a high level of service and that effective processes, policies, and systems are in place.

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience. A master’s degree in business administration or another relevant field is considered an additional benefit.

At least 10 years of experience in financial management roles, including prior success in nonprofit finance positions involving the management of multi-million-dollar budgets. Experience managing government funding streams and the associated compliance and reporting requirements, as well as managing or supporting an organization’s audit process.

Broad expertise in financial strategy, audits, compliance, budgeting, and management of finance staff. Strong project management skills and the ability to prioritize and delegate within a fast-paced environment. Able to provide appropriate support and coaching to an experienced team of professionals. Solutions-oriented and able to identify and implement processes, systems, and efficiencies that support the continuous improvement of a finance team or function. Excellent professional judgment and strong communication skills.

Able to build effective and trusting relationships internally with staff in and outside of the finance function, as well as with key external partners or vendors such as auditors, bankers, and other service providers.


Among their core responsibilities, the CFO will:

  • Act as a thought partner to the Executive Director to ensure the long-term stability and growth of the Coalition; engage with the Board and/or Finance and Audit Committee as needed
  • Participate on the senior leadership team and provide financial analysis and business planning to support leaders in making organization- or department-level decisions
  • Manage the finance team and Director of Human Resources, providing professional development, performance evaluation, and ongoing support to ensure these team members’ success in their roles
  • Guide an effective annual budgeting process and manage ongoing budget monitoring, reporting, analysis, and forecasting
  • Lead the Coalition’s audit process, managing preparation and project management for the process, serving as the primary contact for the external audit team, and reviewing audited financial statements
  • Ensure financial compliance with GAAP, OMB, IRS, and other grantor requirements and oversee reporting on lobbying activities
  • Provide project management for Coalition-owned buildings and act as a primary liaison to external stakeholders (City officials, attorneys) related to financing for the facilities
  • Represent the Coalition to external stakeholders such as authorizers, donors, and boards
  • Maintain appropriate internal controls
  • Enhance the finance department’s use of technology to create efficiencies
  • Oversee and negotiate the Coalition’s relationships with the commercial and health insurance providers and bankers

REPORTS TO: Executive Director

SALARY: Commensurate with experience and education. Excellent benefits including medical, dental, time off, and retirement.

HOW TO APPLY: Click here to apply.

Persons of color and formerly homeless individuals are encouraged to apply.


Part-Time Porter (Coalition Houses Building)

POSITION SUMMARY: The Part-Time Porter at Coalition Houses provides twice a week building cleaning (Mondays and Thursdays preferred), preps and disposes of garbage and recycling for pickup, assists with heavy lifting (acceptance of deliveries and turn-over of vacant units), assists with repairs when needed by Superintendent (painting, ongoing basement cleaning), provides coverage if Superintendent is called away due to emergency at another building, assists in obtaining supplies as needed, and helps with all other support tasks as necessary.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must be able to lift 30 pounds. Spanish fluency a plus but not required. Prior building Porter experience a plus. Must be able to work at least two week days per week (Mondays and Thursdays are preferred, but exact schedule is yet to be determined). Ability to work an 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM shift. Must we able to work/commute to Upper West Side Manhattan building location in the W 70’s.

REPORTS TO: Superintendent and Coalition Houses Program Director

SALARY: $20.00 per hour

TO APPLY: Submit cover letter and current resume with hourly salary requirements

Include the job title in subject line of e-mail 
Email:  Attention: PT Porter
No telephone inquiries please
Persons of color and formerly homeless individuals are encouraged to apply

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