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Every New Yorker Deserves a Home.

We can not only reduce, but eliminate, homelessness in New York City.

I need help finding shelter or meeting other critical needs.

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Callahan Under Attack

For over 42 years the Coalition for the Homeless, with our partners at The Legal Aid Society, has zealously defended and successfully expanded the legal Right to Shelter for anyone experiencing homelessness in New York.

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We must keep N.Y.’s right to shelter: 42 years after the agreement, the compact has to be maintained

In the late 1970s, Robert Callahan slept on the streets of the Bowery. He was destitute and lived with substance abuse, which made it difficult for him to secure and maintain permanent housing…

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NEW YORK (WABC) — Lawmakers and advocates for the homeless turned out for a rally in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday to defend the Right to Shelter law

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Lawmakers, advocates for homeless rally to defend Right to Shelter law in NYC

On Tuesday, December 5, 2023 the Coalition for the Homeless, Legal Aid Society, Win, Episcopal Diocese of New York, Housing Justice For All, and other partner organizations and members of the NY SANE coalition, rallied and marched to demand…

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Rally for the Right to Shelter: Listen to the people’s will! We don’t want no Hochulvilles!

The NY SANE coalition, representing hundreds of housing and tenant organizations, labor unions, faith groups, advocates, service providers, and other organizations throughout New York State – today joined in action to hold two major rallies in New York City and Albany in support of the legal Right to Shelter.

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NY SANE, Coalition for the Homeless, The Legal Aid Society, Win, Housing Justice for All, Host Rallies in NYC and Albany to Save Legal Right to Shelter

Behind Acts of Violence, Years of Mistakes” (front page, Nov. 21) effectively underscores the decades of neglect, underfunding and mismanagement that have made New York’s mental health system such a resounding failure for so many people in our city…

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Helping Homeless People Who Are Mentally Ill

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“Denying new arrivals shelter has resulted in dozens of people sleeping on sidewalks awaiting placement and exposed to 20-degree weather, an egregious breach of the City’s legal and moral obligation to provide shelter in a timely fashion to anyone in need…

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Joint Statement from Legal Aid, Coalition for the Homeless in Response to the City Failing to Ensure Shelter for New Arrivals

On Thursday, November 16, 2023, ARTWALK NY returned for the first time in four years. It was a stunning night packed to the rafters with friends and supporters of the Coalition for the Homeless. This year’s event was held…

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ARTWALK NY Returns after Four Years – Over $500,000 Raised for the Coalition for the Homeless

The grandchildren of the original architects of the New Deal wrote an impassioned letter to Governor Kathy Hochul calling on her to honor the legacy and values championed by their grandparents by refraining from eroding New York’s legal Right to Shelter…

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Descendants of the New Deal Architects Advocate for the Protection of the Right to Shelter in Powerful Letter to Governor Hochul

Migrant families notified they have 60 days to leave the city’s shelter system say they’re worried their children’s education will be upended as they seek a roof over their heads just as schools break for Christmas…

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Migrant students face schooling uncertainty as NYC gives families 60 days to exit shelter