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Callahan v. Carey – New York State Supreme Court, consent decree (1981)
August 1, 1981
This is the complete text of the 1981 consent decree in Callahan v. Carey, the class action litigation brought by Coalition for the Homeless that established a legal right to shelter for homeless individuals in New York City. Read more.
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View from the Street: Unsheltered New Yorkers and the Need for Safety, Dignity, and Agency
April 5, 2021
The Coalition's report summarizes the findings of more than 200 interviews with unsheltered New Yorkers staying on the streets of the city. The research highlights the need for solutions that provide safety, dignity, and agency for unsheltered individuals and offers recommendations for the City and State to respond more effectively to their needs.Read more…
COVID-19 and Homelessness in New York City: Pandemic Pandemonium for New Yorkers Without Homes
June 9, 2020
The Coalition’s report outlines the disproportionate impacts of the pandemic on homeless New Yorkers, provides a look at government responses in the early months of the crisis, and recommends urgent actions to support homeless New Yorkers.Read more…
The Tale of Two Housing Markets: How de Blasio’s Plan Fuels Record Homelessness
August 20, 2019
An analysis by the Coalition for the Homeless detailing the housing market conditions contributing to mass homelessness and the stark disconnect between Mayor de Blasio’s Housing New York 2.0 “affordable” housing plan and the reality of record homelessness.Read more…
Housing DisConnect: Fact-Checking Mayor de Blasio’s Claims on Affordable Housing and Homelessness
December 10, 2018
This paper addresses claims Mayor de Blasio has made regarding the House Our Future NY Campaign and elaborates on the current state of homelessness, the need for more housing, and the mechanisms for achieving our goals.Read more…
Moment of Truth: Bringing Production of Affordable Housing for Homeless Households in de Blasio’s Housing Plan to Scale
January 31, 2018
An analysis by the Coalition for the Homeless examining the creation and preservation of housing units in Mayor de Blasio's Housing NY plan. The report concludes the City is on track to create too few units for homeless households and calls for 30,000 units of affordable housing for homeless individuals and families, or 10 percent of the total plan, a rate achieved by previous Mayors. Read more…
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