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I am a homeless undocumented immigrant. Can the Coalition still offer me services?

Yes, the Coalition for the Homeless serves clients regardless of their immigration status, although eligibility for each of our programs is specific and immigration status may influence your eligibility for some of our programs. If you have questions regarding your eligibility for certain programs at the Coalition for the Homeless or specific government benefits, please come into the Crisis Intervention Program to speak with an advocate.

Access to New York City shelters is available to all individuals and families who have no other safe place to stay regardless of your immigration status.

I do not live in New York City. Do you offer services to people outside NYC?

We work primarily within the five boroughs of New York City. Information about the shelter system and shelter rights discussed on our site are specific to New York City.

We may however be able to locate some resources and referrals in other areas of New York State. Please email us for more information.

Do you provide legal representation?

The Coalition for the Homeless is not a legal service provider, although we do have some expertise with respect to certain legal rights, particularly your right to shelter. Please come into the Crisis Intervention Program to speak with an advocate regarding your specific question or request.  If necessary, we can make referrals to legal service providers, though we cannot control whether legal services will ultimately be provided.

You can also search for legal service providers at Law Help.

I have a dispute with my landlord. Can the Coalition intervene?

Advocates in the Crisis Intervention Program may be able to provide you with some advice regarding landlord/tenant issues and may be able to connect you with a tenant organization or legal service provider depending on the specifics of your complaint. We are, however, unable to provide representation in housing court.

Do you offer job placement services?

The Coalition’s First Step Job Training Program provides job training, search and placement assistance to homeless and low income women. Call 212-776-2074 for more information. We are also able to make referrals to job training and job placement partners throughout the City in our Crisis Intervention Program.

Do you help with voter registration?

Yes, homeless New Yorkers have the right to vote and each election cycle we do outreach to individuals in shelters to help them register to vote and navigate the polls on election day. Click here for more information about your rights as a homeless voter.

I work during the EP hotline hours, so I am not available to make a long phone call at that time. Is there another time I can call to schedule an appointment?

Unfortunately, due to the incredible demand for eviction prevention assistance, the only way to access services is by calling our hotline on Wednesday or Friday mornings. If you are working with another Eviction Prevention agency, you can discuss with them the possibility of a referral being made to us, on your behalf. You can also call Housing Court Answers to inquire about other charities that have available funds that might be able to provide you with eviction prevention assistance if you are unable to get through to our hotline. For more information, click here.

I’m having an issue with NYCHA. Can you help?

The advocates in the Crisis Intervention Program can help to trouble shoot problems with NYCHA and Section 8. Please note that given limitations on the availability of NYCHA and Section 8 apartments and vouchers, we are unable to help expedite applications.

What forms or paperwork do I need to bring to Crisis Intervention?

No specific paperwork is required to receive services from the Crisis Intervention Program. However, if you have paperwork that helps to explain the matter you intend to discuss with an advocate here, or paperwork that explains specific circumstances you are experiencing, such as medical documentation, please bring it with you.

In order to provide assistance with certain problems, we may need to work with you to gather certain paperwork.

I have a disability that prevents me from traveling to the CFH office. Can I still receive services?

The Crisis Intervention Program offers return subway fare for clients who receive services each day. If you use Access-a-Ride we are happy to reimburse you for your fare to come to see an advocate.

It is difficult for us to provide comprehensive services over the phone or email.  However, you are welcome to submit an inquiry here and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Do you offer transitional housing?

No, in many cases the term transitional housing is used for illegally occupied and unsafe housing – also commonly called “three quarter housing.” Click here to learn more about the health and safety hazards in transitional and three quarter houses. Individuals and families without any stable, safe place to stay in New York City have a right to shelter. Click here to learn more about your rights to a shelter.

Can you help me obtain identification materials for myself or my child?

The Crisis Intervention Program can help to guide you through the process of obtaining identification, even if you currently have very few identifying documents.

Coalition for the Homeless is able to help clients obtain the documents necessary to apply for and be made eligible for shelter. To discuss the process and requirements to obtain certain types of identification, please come into the Crisis Intervention Program.

What forms do I need to bring when I apply for shelter?

Please go to the I Need Shelter page for more information about applying for shelter in New York City.

Do you know of any cheap or free storage facilities for my things while I am in a shelter?

Individuals and families in shelter may be eligible for assistance in paying for storage from the Human Resources Administration. To learn more about how this process works please come into the Crisis Intervention Program.

Do you offer mailing addresses for homeless people?

Yes, the Coalition’s Emergency Mail Program offers free mail services for clients who are currently homeless. Please come into the Crisis Intervention Program at the Coalition for the Homeless to learn more about how the Emergency Mail Program works and to sign up.

Can you help me obtain supportive housing?

Shelter residents should receive help with housing applications from staff in shelter. If you are not receiving this assistance or have questions about the process to apply for supportive housing, please visit the Crisis Intervention Program to speak with an advocate.

The Coalition does submit a limited number of supportive housing applications for individuals and families receiving other services from our programs, when appropriate. Unfortunately, we cannot accept referrals for supportive housing applications as a stand alone service.