House Our Future NY: Add Your Organization to the Campaign


Woman holding a sign that says homes for every New Yorker


The Coalition for the Homeless recently launched House Our Future NY to call on Mayor de Blasio to increase the number of permanent affordable housing units set aside for homeless New Yorkers, and we would like to invite your organization to join our campaign.

Currently, only 15,000 units of the Mayor’s 300,000-unit Housing NY 2.0 plan are set aside for homeless families and individuals, despite record homelessness in New York City. We are urging the Mayor to immediately direct his housing development agencies to increase the total number of housing units for homeless households to 30,000, with 24,000 of these units financed and created as new construction. We officially launched this campaign with the release of a policy brief in January, and reiterated the request in our annual State of the Homeless report in March 2018 and in April 2019.

In order to amplify this critical housing goal, we want to include our allies: organizations serving homeless families, single adults, people with disabilities, domestic violence survivors, and runaway and homeless youth. We are soliciting organizational partners to sign on to the campaign and help with organizing grassroots support for our future multi-pronged advocacy efforts including rallies and other public actions.

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Individuals can sign the petition HERE.