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Today’s Read: Record Homelessness and New Shelters

Saturday’s New York Times highlighted a troubling consequence of New York’s failed homeless policies. By denying families access to permanent housing resources, the City is now forced to open new shelters to meet the increasing need. Newly-released data show that NYC’s homeless shelter population has soared to new record highs: more than 44,400 people per night including 18,000 kids.

Taxpayers are on the hook for a whopping $36,000 a year to shelter a homeless family, but the average cost of a housing voucher for the same family is $10,000.

To this end, in February the City Council outlined a plan that would utilize federal housing programs, like public housing, and a new rental assistance program to help homeless children and adults leave the shelter system. The Council plan will reduce the number of homeless families and avoid the need to expand the costly shelter system.

It’s time for the City to enact the Council’s plan and give hope to our city’s homeless while saving taxpayers money.

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