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Today’s Read: The Importance of Supportive Housing

A New York Times article this weekend highlights the importance of supportive housing. John Cornelius Foley, a formerly-homeless man, spent 20 years living on the Bowery, including time spent living in a plywood box on the sidewalk. Today, he lives in a supportive housing unit in the Bronx. Mr. Foley spent decades battling drug addiction, but is now housed with the help of a subsidized rent and services attached.

Mr. Foley’s story is remarkable, but not entirely unique. Many homeless individuals spend years struggling with mental illness or substance abuse before finally gaining access to life-saving services. For yet other individuals, the happy ending just never comes. Mr. Foley notes that many of his old acquaintances from the streets are now deceased. It’s an important reminder that combating homelessness, especially among the most vulnerable individuals, is more than just about homes; it’s about lives.

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