Bound for Success

Homeless boys and girls grow up without a stable place to do their homework, eat dinner around the table with their family, or even lay their heads down at night. Many fall behind academically in school and almost half suffer from anxiety, depression, or social withdrawal. These struggles in school, coupled with the instability of homeless shelter life, make it virtually impossible for a child to thrive.

During the school year, the Bound for Success After School Program directly addresses these challenges by bringing quality instructional and recreational programs to homeless children living in New York City's family homeless shelter system. Through collaboration with shelter staff, the program improves homeless boys' and girls' educational and social development with meaningful support services that are often lacking in their lives.

The Bound for Success after school program brightens the lives of 30 children every weekday from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. During the first hour of each session, boys and girls receive individualized tutoring and homework assistance. During the second hour, they participate in art and drama activities, write poems and short stories, learn about health and nutrition, and engage in innovative computer programs.

While education is a crucial part of the after school program, we also provide a safe haven for homeless girls and boys to have fun, make friends, and be physically active. Field trips are often a highlight, since all come from families with limited resources. Staff accompany children to the museums, sporting events, and holiday parties organized by the Coalition.

Bound for Success Summer Day Camp

The Coalition understands the importance of remaining a consistent, year-round presence in the lives homeless children. Most parents are overwhelmed, working full days and searching for housing opportunities in their spare time. The Bound for Success after school program is a welcome source of stability and structure for their children. That's why when the school year comes to a close, we open up the Bound for Success Summer Day Camp.

Like the after school program, the summer day camp helps homeless children fill educational gaps through fun, hands on learning activities, but also gives more free time to play outside and enjoy the warm weather in a structured and supervised environment. Numerous cultural and social field trips are planned each summer, including visits to the NYPD Museum, Splish Splash water park, Victorian Gardens at Central Park, Chelsea Piers sports center, and the Bronx Zoo.

For more information about the Bound for Success Program, please contact Angie Caraballo at or call 212-776-2021.




Seven-year-old Angela and her mother moved from shelter to shelter since becoming homeless two years ago. While homelessness is devastating for all who experience it, children feel the effects most profoundly. Many fall behind academically and must repeat a grade. Nearly half of all homeless kids suffer from anxiety, depression or social withdrawal. Angela is quite bright and loves to draw, but may be held back at school this year because of lateness and absences. Bound for Success has been an essential counterforce to the instability in Angela's life caused by homelessness.

Angela knows that at Bound for Success, she must finish her homework before joining recreational activities such as Arts and Crafts. For a while, Angela lagged doing her schoolwork, but eventually she became focused and finished her tasks in time so she could participate in fun activities organized by our staff. She saw the benefits of good work habits and understood the importance of seeing tasks through.

Angela is now thriving at school and can't wait to share the details of her day when she arrives at the Bound for Success classroom every afternoon. "Today we learned about animals" Angela said. "O-C-T-O-P-U-S," she spelled, "He lives in the sea!" For hundreds of children like Angela, the Bound for Success after-school program provides a safe, structured environment where homeless boys and girls can realize their potential, gain a new perspective on life, and most importantly, understand that for them, the sky is the limit.