The Legal Right to Shelter for Homeless Families

September 17th will be remembered as an historic day in the struggle to ensure fundamental protections for homeless New Yorkers: The signing of a landmark court order establishing an enforceable, legal right to shelter for homeless families with children. The ..Read More

Number of New Homeless NYC Families Hits All-Time Record

Coalition for the Homeless has released some alarming new data showing the early and dramatic impact of the economic recession on New York City homelessness. The Coalition’s recent policy brief (available here) documents how, in September, 1,464 new home ..Read More

Homeless New Yorkers and the Right to Vote

Election Day is fast approaching, and this November 4th residents of New York will be faced with some important choices. In addition to the momentous election for President and members of Congress, New Yorkers will be choosing members of the State Legislature ..Read More

Homeless Kids and School Absenteeism

A new report from the Center for New York City affairs at The New School paints a troubling portrait of chronic absenteeism in New York City public schools and notes that it primarily affects children in low-income neighborhoods. The report, “Strengtheni ..Read More

New Study on the Working Poor

Alarming data from a new report reveals that in 2006 – well before the worsening economic downturn – more than one out of four working families nationwide is low-income. The study, “Working Hard, Still Falling Short,” also documents t ..Read More


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