Advantage Tenants – Your April Rent will be Paid!

ADVANTAGE TENANTS: The City has been ordered to pay April Advantage rents.

On March 28, Legal Aid obtained an order in New York Supreme Court requiring the City to continue to pay Advantage rents for current Advantage tenants for the month of April pending a hearing later in the month.

This order covers only those Advantage tenants who are still within their Advantage lease period. The judge has scheduled a hearing in the case on April 21st.

Current Advantage tenants, please be advised:

(1) The City has been ordered to pay your April Advantage rent amount,
(2) We don’t yet know whether the City will be ordered to pay any further Advantage rent,
(3) Continue to pay your portion, if any, of your rent,
(4) Continue to comply with Advantage rules,
(5) Request a fair hearing if you have not already done so.
(6) Don’t leave your apartment and reapply at Path just because you think your Advantage rent will not be paid!

Remember, your landlord cannot evict you without taking you to housing court.

Download a tenant handout prepared by Legal Aid here (English) and here (Español)

Read the court’s decision here.

We will continue to provide updates as we get them.

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