The Senior Housing Crisis

For two years and three months, the only fresh air Steve Mancuso managed to breathe came from an open window in his small, second-floor walk-up in Queens. Mancuso had a bad fall on a wet bathroom floor. He developed an infection and 16 months later, in May 201 ..Read More

How Many Homeless People Are There in America?

Many city dwellers do their best not to see the homeless people who share their streets and pavements. Donald Trump once famously insisted that his security guards clear all tramps and panhandlers from the pavement in front of Trump Tower. Even when the homele ..Read More

The New York Times Close Up

On the February 13, 2016 edition of The New York Times Close Up, hosted by Clyde Haberman, Times Critic at Large Wesley Morris describes Divisive and Diverse, though not at the same time: one is for the cover story in this Sunday’s Arts and Leisure secti ..Read More