100 Homeless Students Honored for Graduating High School

It was a special night for a group of high school students who had it rough growing up. They were homeless and went from shelter to shelter for years. But they didn’t let their circumstance prevent them from achieving. Despite all the odds, they’re ..Read More

Life Inside the Hotels for New York’s Homeless

The Verve Hotel doesn’t stick out. The tan, six-floor building in the Dutch Kills neighborhood of Queens is typical of the quiet industrial area, surrounded as it is by bodyshops, single-family homes, a rumbling elevated train, and hotels of a modernist ..Read More

State Promises and City Progress on Homelessness

It has been quite a year for homeless policy in New York City. It was last summer that the press frenzied over homeless encampments around the city, prompting a police crackdown. Then came the fall, and the mayor’s announcement he’d stop waiting fo ..Read More