Supportive Housing Right Way to Help Homeless

The numbers are stunning. On Sunday, more than 59,200 people slept in New York City shelters, including 23,433 children. As the shelters fill up, thousands of people who are homeless are housed in motels. Beyond that, NYC is trying to develop more permanent sh ..Read More

Poverty Drives Homeless Rates? Not So Fast

Fill in the blank. When the economy collapses, the number of homeless Americans goes ___. While you might expect the answer to be “up,” during the recession of 2007-2009 the number of homeless people in America dropped slightly. Compare homelessness across ..Read More

Today’s Read: How Do Rent-Burdened New Yorkers Cope?

The worsening housing affordability crisis throughout New York City is a direct driver of near-record homelessness. Incomes have stagnated as rents continue to soar, leaving more and more people with massive rent burdens. If they fall behind and are evicted, i ..Read More