City Tries to Head Off Summer Surge in Homeless

To get through the front gate at New Bridges Elementary School in Brooklyn on Friday, students and their parents had to squeeze past an unfamiliar man wearing a gray suit and rimless glasses who was handing out fliers. “Any housing challenges, we’re here t ..Read More

Thank You, Kids for a Better Future!

For the past 10 months, an NYC student group called Kids for a Better Future (KBF) has been working with the Coalition on projects to better the lives of homeless men, women and children, and raise funds for the Coalition’s programs. Each school year, the fo ..Read More

Help Homeless New Yorkers During Hot Weather

The heat wave that has descended upon New York City poses dangers for the thousands of homeless New Yorkers living on the streets or in shelters without air-conditioning. Take advantage of these resources to stay cool and safe during the heat wave: Call 311 to ..Read More

Today’s Read: How Much Do You Need to Afford the Rent?

Stable housing is an essential foundation for improving health, accessing quality education, and securing steady employment, but people in communities across the country are struggling with unaffordable rents. The National Low Income Housing Coalition recently ..Read More

Home Stability Support: Post-Budget Advocacy

Much of the conversation about homelessness lately has revolved around opposition to the siting of new shelters – but a bold proposal from Assemblymember Andrew Hevesi could dramatically reduce the need for shelters in the first place by rescuing tens of tho ..Read More