Helping the Homeless Get Out of the Cold

New York City estimates 3,000 homeless people live on the streets. While many have sought shelter this week, many others haven’t. These are conditions we find tough, even just to get to the corner. Yet countless New Yorkers have no refuge, as Fox 5 saw a ..Read More

Helping Homeless New Yorkers During Cold Weather

Each winter, thousands of homeless New Yorkers struggle to survive on the streets, while high winds, frigid temperatures, snow, and freezing rain can put them at risk of life-threatening illnesses like hypothermia and frostbite. The City declares a Code Blue w ..Read More

Today’s Read: NYC’s Homeless Look for Shelter and Safety

The frigid winter weather pummeling the East Coast can be life-threatening for the thousands of New Yorkers who sleep on the streets each night. While New York City has a legal right to shelter and expands citywide outreach when a Code Blue is in effect, many ..Read More