Homelessness, Step by Step

From the windows of a seven-story building on East 151st Street in the Bronx, Manhattan rises like Oz in the distance, a glittering reminder of why so many people want to live in New York City.

Inside the building, children sense something is wrong. Their parents are bogged down by backpacks, suitcases, strollers and worries — the burdens carried by many people, unemployed and underemployed, who cannot afford to live in New York.

Grappling With Homeless Crisis, New York City Stands to Lose 15,000 Rental Vouchers in Federal Budget

With its homeless population already hovering at record levels, New York City would be poised to lose roughly 11 percent of its rental assistance vouchers under President Trump’s proposed fiscal 2019 budget.

The president’s recommended funding cut to the federal Section 8 program would translate into a loss of more than 14,000 rental assistance vouchers issued by the New York City Housing Authority and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, which have a combined 125,000 vouchers in circulation across the five boroughs.

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