The New High-Rent Districts

For most New Yorkers — about two-thirds of whom are renters — living in the city means accepting the painful reality of ever-increasing rents, which are as much a part of the experience as noisy neighbors, hissing steam radiators and cramped kitchens. Even ..Read More


“In shelter, I feel patronized, dehumanized. Not having permanent housing has caused me to not realize my true potential. We are people, not just a number. I don’t want to be a statistic forever. I am homeless but not hopeless.” – Felix Lea ..Read More

Coalition Testifies on Proposed Voucher Streamlining

On Tuesday, Coalition for the Homeless and The Legal Aid Society presented testimony to the NYC Human Resources Administration on two proposed rules that will restructure the City’s rent subsidies. Soon after Mayor de Blasio took office in 2014, he created a ..Read More

Today’s Read: Homelessness is a Housing Problem

In a comprehensive article for City & State, Ben Adler explains how a lack of affordable housing in New York City has fueled record homelessness. Citing historical data and research-backed policies, Adler writes, “Homelessness is mainly a housing problem ..Read More

Homelessness is a Housing Problem

On a rainy morning in May, around 30 homeless people and a handful of activists gathered on the steps of New York City Hall to call on local government to protect homeless New Yorkers trying to find permanent housing. Specifically, they opposed a proposed cut ..Read More