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State of the Homeless 2023

Compounding Crisis, Failed Responses

Every New Yorker Deserves a Home.

We can not only reduce, but eliminate, homelessness in New York City.

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Callahan Under Attack

For over 42 years the Coalition for the Homeless, with our partners at The Legal Aid Society, has zealously defended and successfully expanded the legal Right to Shelter for anyone experiencing homelessness in New York.

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The Callahan deal is not a victory

Last May, Mayor Adams and Gov. Hochul initiated an attack on New York’s legal right to shelter for single adults based upon two faulty premises: first, that the city needed more flexibility in responding to the influx of thousands of…

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Meet Dorian. Born in Charlottesville, Virginia, Dorian moved to New York when she was 11 and that’s when life really began. After facing many tragic adversities including a violent ex-partner, homelessness and unemployment, Dorian found the Coalition for the Homeless’ First Step Job Training Program and…

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Dorian's Story | First Step Graduate

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City Hall says it has not yet begun implementing assessments of the “extenuating circumstances” that could earn newly arrived immigrants an extended shelter stay—while some seeking another placement continue to sleep on the floor of…

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Migrants Reapplying for Shelter Still Face Waits, Lack of Beds Despite New Settlement Rules

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The Adams administration missed a court deadline on Monday that requires the city to clear a waitlist for immigrants awaiting a shelter bed, according to an attorney in the lawsuit.

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NYC misses key deadline in right-to-shelter migrants court case, lawyer says

Three images. From left to right: A yellow wristband; a single adult male standing outside St. Brigid’s School in New York; a letter in Spanish distributed to those seeking shelter about the new settlement rules.

As of March 31, City Hall has issued approximately 1,500 notices “to make alternate arrangement” to immigrants with 30-day shelter stays and to another 1,300 with 60-day notices, which are being offered to single migrants 23 and younger…

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Immigrants, Advocates Await City’s Rollout of New Re-Sheltering Rules

Cream, blue and pink banner with text that reads "Coalition for the Homeless; transgender and homeless; new resource guide".

A resource for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals who may be experiencing homelessness in New York City.

Transgender and Homeless Resources

A single man looks directly at camera on a New York street.

After months of a Court-supervised mediation, the Coalition for the Homeless and the City reached a settlement that stops Mayor Adams’ and Governor Hochul’s nearly year-long efforts to dismantle New York’s long-standing Right to Shelter for single adults, established under Callahan v. Carey…

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Callahan Settlement Preserves the Right to Shelter While Implementing Temporary Measures During the Humanitarian Crisis

A still of a news broadcast from Spectrum New Ny1. A man sits on screen and text below reads "city reaches settlement over right-to-shelter case"

Josh Goldfein, a staff attorney with the Legal Aid Society’s Civil Practice, joined “Inside City Hall” to talk about the Right to Shelter law.

On Friday, the city announced a settlement with the Legal Aid Society over the Right to Shelter law. The agreement allows the city to limit shelter stays for some adult migrants for 30 days. Most migrants will not have a chance to reapply.

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Attorney talks about new settlement for right-to-shelter law

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The city has negotiated a deal that will limit single migrants to 30-day shelter stays. Officials hope it will ease the crunch without increasing street homelessness.

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Shelters Are Overloaded. Will a New Agreement Help?

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(NEW YORK, NY) – The Legal Aid Society and the Coalition for the Homeless, following a court-supervised mediation led by New York State Supreme Court Judge Gerald Lebovits, announced a settlement with the City to end the government’s legal challenge to New York’s long-standing Right to Shelter for single adults, established under Callahan v. Carey in 1981.

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Legal Aid, Coalition for the Homeless announce settlement in Callahan v. Carey, preserving NYC’s Right to Shelter settlement protects the right to shelter for anyone in need.